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Eine wahre Flut von knapp 500 fabelhaften Kurzfilmen, Dokus, Installationen und Musikvideos hat das ClipAward-Hauptquartier in Mannheim erreicht. Nach zwei Sichtungs-Sessions zeichnet sich eines ab - es könnte das stärkste Programm der Festivalgeschichte werden! Tiefgründig, abgedreht, unterhaltsam und vor allem eins: kurzweilig.

Das Festival, das traditionell im Frühling stattfand, wird aus organisatorischen Gründen auf den 03. - 05. Oktober 2014 verschoben. Die Filme im Festivalprogramm werden im Juli 2014 bekannt gegeben.

Wir freuen uns auf eine spannende 9. Festivalausgabe!


About 500 fabulous shorts, documentaries, installations, and music videos have reached the ClipAward headquarter in Mannheim. After two sighting sessions it appears that it might be the best program in festival history. Deep, kinky, amusing, and entertaining! 

Due to organizational reasons, the 9th edition of ClipAward will take place in October 3-5, 2014. The films in the program will be announced in July 2014.

We're looking forward to an exciting 9th festival edition!




In 2013, ClipAward illuminated the low budget short film scene of Israel within the framework of its international section. In spring 2014, the festival continued this project by cooperating with the Haifa Cinematheque and screening the "Israel in Perspective" section as well as the German best-of from the ClipAward 2013 program in Haifa. The event hosted the crews of 3 Israeli shorts, 2 German filmmakers and the ClipAward team as well as the representatives of the Municipality of Haifa and of the Haifa Foundation, among other people.

You will find additional information in Hebrew here and some photos here.

The project was organized with the support of the City of Mannheim, namely: the Cultural Department, the Department for International Affairs, Integration and Protocol and the FilmCommission MRN.

Where: Haifa Cinematheque
When: 14 March, 2014, 2 pm & 4 pm.




On Friday, April 4, the Tel Aviv Cinematheque will screen the "Israel in Perspective" section as well as the German best-of from the ClipAward 2013 program. The festival team will be represented by Revital "Ray-V" Elkayam, our Israeli partner and the co-curator of the "Israel in Perspective" program. The Israeli program will feature a Q&A with the filmmakers.

You will find additional information in Hebrew about the Israeli program here and about the German program here.

Where: Tel Aviv Cinematheque
When: 4 April, 2014, 4 pm & 6 pm.




Ein Best-of von ClipAward beim 2. internationalen Kurzfilmtag!

Am Samstag, den 21. Dezember 2013 - dem kürzesten Tag des Jahres - wird bereits zum zweiten Mal in Deutschland der Kurzfilm in seiner ganzen Vielfalt, Kreativität und Experimentierfreude gefeiert.

Da darf ClipAward nicht fehlen: Kurzfilme, Trickfilme, Trashfilme, Experimentalfilme, Dokus, Animationen und Musikvideos. Wir zeigen alles was abgedreht, ausgefuchst, raffiniert, durchtrieben und gewitzt ist! Alles ist erlaubt - solange es kurz und billig ist.

21:30 Uhr - Deutsche Kurzfilme
22:45 Uhr - International Shorts
Odeon Kino | G7 10, 68159 Mannheim


ClipAward @ Patch : audio_visual_lab // Krakow, Poland

ClipAward has chosen 19 audiovisual work from the earlier submissions to be presented at the p a t c h: audio_visual_lab! The ca. 100-minute program includes installations & experimental films as well as animations and will be screened non-stop in a special screening room during the event.

Take a look at our PROGRAM!

"p a t c h: audio_visual_lab is a fresh event on the map of Krakow presenting new trends and opportunities in digital, audiovisual art made with new methods of work and communication. (...) p a t c h is dedicated to present installations and other audiovisual works based on fields such as mapping, generative art, interactive art, DIY, net-art, video art, sound art, experimental film forms, projektionism, VJing."

The festival is launched by our Polish partner Kultural Kolektiv - a cultural foundation focused on the fields of music & visual arts.

The ClipAward screening will take place 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. at Bunkier Sztuki.

NB! Want to participate at p a t c h? Show your AV work? Perform? Or VJ? Feel free to join in! >> kontakt(at)


ClipAward @ Trick Animation Festival // Verona, Italy

ClipAward Low & No Budget Short Film Festival continues to promote low budget shorts in cooperation with our partner festivals in Europe!

This October, the Trick Animation Film Festival has invited us to present an international selection of the best animations submitted to the festival during our 7 years of practice.

The Trick Animation Film Festival is launched by the organizer of Milano Film Festival - Esterni - in cooperation with the cultural association Fuoriscala. The festival will take place October 11-14 in Verona, Italy.

ClipAward will present two ca. 60-minute programs: a selection of animated shorts & music videos for a screening as well as a potpourri with installations & non-narrative/experimental animations to be projected during nightly get-togethers. Take a look at our complete program HERE!

ANIMATED SHORTS program will be screened on Sat, the 13th at 3 pm at the creative space Joy.
ANIMATION POTPOURRI will be projected every day in Audiovisual Center (Centro Audiovisivi) of the Public Library of Verona (Biblioteca Civica Verona) and a short version every night from 7:30 pm `til midnight during the get-together at the Porta Vescovo.

International Shorts
Perspektive Israel
Wettbewerb Musikvideos
Junger Kurzfilm
Cultural Kaleidoscope
The Sunday Horror Show